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Will subscribers to multiple lists get duplicate emails?

If you have contacts who are subscribed to multiple lists and you send an email to more than one list to which that contact is subscribed they will only recieve one email. Our system consolidates duplicate contacts to make sure that each contact recieves the message just once.

Am I charged for inbound text messages?

Outbound vs. Inbound

As a Signal customer, you are charged $.01 for each outbound text message. Outbound text messages are any messages you send out to your subscribers from your Signal account. However, you are not charged for any inbound text messages. This means that you are not charged for any messages your subscribers text to your specific keyword and short code.

Autoresponders/Text for info

A great example of this is our Autoresponder/Text for info function. When a customer texts your custom keyword to your chosen short code, you will not be charged. However, you are charged $.01 for the automatic response sent back to each customer through this function of the Signal platform. 

Does Signal share my contacts with other people?

No we do not. We will never solicit or use your customer database for any other purpose, and your database will be destroyed when an account is cancelled. Everything that you upload to your Signal account is your own for your eyes only, unless we need to log into your account to help troubleshoot something.



How much does Signal cost?

All Signal accounts start at $10/month. From here, choose the way you want to pay for text and email: with an unlimited monthly plan based on the number of subscribers, or pay-per-message ($.01 per text and $.001 per email). You can view your current plan and bill at any time by navigating to Your Account > Manage Plan.

Can I change my plan?

You can change your plan or cancel any time under Your Account > Manage Plan.


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