When creating a Sweepstakes in Signal, the first step is define how you want to pick winners and what entry limits you'd like to set.

Decide How You Will Select Winners

There are five options for selecting winners:

  • Winner(s) randomly selected at end: Choose this option if you want to have randomly selected winners chosen at the end of your sweepstakes

create new sweepstakes Configuring sweepstakes winner selection & entry limits

  • First "X" number of entries win: For example, you'd choose this option if you wanted the first 5 people who enter to win.
  • The "Xth" entry wins: Similar to way radio stations choose the "xth" caller to win prizes, choose this option if you want to pick one winner who happens to be the "Xth" entrant.
  • Every "Xth" entry wins: If you want to pick multiple winners and set the interval for picking winners, choose this option. For example, this would allow you to pick a winner after every 5 entries, where the 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. entrants win.
  • Winner(s) manually selected: This option is useful if you want to choose the winners yourself. With this option, you would export all the entries after the promotion ends and choose the winner(s) based on your own criteria. You could then use Signal to notify the winners you choose.

This type of contest is popular for radio and live events where you have the ability to randomly pull the winners at a given time of your choice, one by one, or all at once. You set the number of winners you want to pull from the entry pool and press the trigger button and it randomly selects the desired number of winners for you.

Decide How Many Times a Person Can Enter & How Many Winners You'll Allow

The next step is to define the number of winners you'll allow. Next, set the number of times a single individual can enter. Note that you have a lot of flexibility in setting entry restrictions. This can configured to set limits on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. So, for example, you could limit entries to one per person per hour or 5 per person per week.

61 Configuring sweepstakes winner selection & entry limits


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