Signal’s Sweepstakes tool has 4 entry options: SMS, Web, Facebook and Twitter. Here we’ll explain how to configure sweepstakes entries for Twitter.

In order for participants to enter your sweepstakes via Twitter, they are required to retweet a tweet you send from your Twitter account. To schedule the tweet for your sweepstakes, start by clicking the "enable entries via Twitter" link at the bottom right corner of the page.

configure sweepstakes for twitter entry Creating a Twitter sweepstakes

Scheduling Your Tweet

You'll see a button asking you to "Schedule A New Tweet." Click this to compose your tweet.

2 Creating a Twitter sweepstakes

You can say anything you'd like in your tweet, but make sure you tell people to retweet for a chance to win. It's also helpful to include a link to your sweepstakes rules page. Use the "shorten URLs" link under the text editor to create a trackable short URL for your rules page or other content you may want potential participants to see.

To finish scheduling your tweet, simply pick the Twitter account you'd like to send the tweet from and set the date and time when you wish the tweet to be sent.

sample contest entry tweet Creating a Twitter sweepstakes

You can edit or delete your scheduled tweets at any time before they are sent.


Can participants re-tweet my tweet more than once, thereby creating multiple entries?

During the live sweepstakes period, any time a tweet you scheduled via the Sweepstakes tool is retweeted by a participant's Twitter account it will generate a valid entry for them into the sweepstakes.

Participants can only retweet a tweet once, therefore if you send only one tweet, there will be only one opportunity for a participant to enter. It's possible for participants to create multiple Twitter accounts in order to retweet your tweet more than once.

Can I sent multiple tweets that can be re-tweeted to enter my sweepstakes?

You can send as many tweets as you'd like asking people to enter. Each unique tweet you send can be retweeted to create an entry.

If you send multiple tweets soliciting entries and your sweepstakes is set to allow more than one entry per person, then participants can enter multiple times by retweeting each one of your separate tweets.

What if I send a tweet directly from Twitter, another third party publisher (i.e. Hootsuite) or from Signal's social publishing tool? Can those tweets be re-tweeted to enter?

The only way for a tweet you send to be successfully retweeted to enter is to send the tweet from Signal's Sweepstakes tool. If you send a tweet from another source, even Signal's social publishing tool, those tweets will not count as entries, regardless of the text you use.

How are Twitter entries tracked and how are winners notified?

We collect the Twitter ID for every eligible retweet and can use it to determine entries and winners.

To learn more about how winners are notified, check out How Winner Notifications For Sweepstakes Work.