Send a Text Message to a Segment

To send a text message to a segment of a list first select the list you wish to segment, or select “New Text Message." This will take you to the Text Message editor.

new tm11 Sending a text message campaign to a segment

list selection Sending a text message campaign to a segment

Pick the lists you want to do further segmentation on and move on to the “Segment your recipients” section.  Here you can go through the steps of defining the segmentation of your list(s). The segmentation you define will be applied on top of the lists selected above. If you want your segment to apply across all lists, you should select all lists prior to adding your segment criteria.

Next you will either create a new segment, or apply a pre-existing segment you created.

To select an existing Segment, select from the dropdown.

grown and sexy Sending a text message campaign to a segment

To create a new segment select “Add an Attribute." This will be the data that is used to pull the members of your group that are or are not associated with it, for example: people who live in Chicago or people who don’t live in Chicago.

attribute add1 Sending a text message campaign to a segment

Then you’ll select the filter criteria to match your attribute.  Filters help you narrow down your contact list based on information your contacts have or haven’t provided. Filter options include: is, is not, is in list, has value, does not have value, and more. You can learn all about filters here.

filter critera2 Sending a text message campaign to a segment

Last, you have the ability to save the segment under a name of your choice. If you enter a name to save your segment with, it will be available for future usage with future messages.

Picking a Time to Send Your Message

We’ve written before about the best time to send messages to your customers. You should be considerate of times when people may be working or sleeping in your time zone. If you send it now, it will be queued immediately for delivery. If you schedule it, it will be on the messages overview page under the scheduled tab.

Once your message is finalized, selected your recipients, set a delivery time, and click the Send button to go to the message approval page. Here we provide you one last chance to review and approve your message before you Schedule or Deliver it.

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